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Are you looking to heal old wounds and learn how to break free from the hold the past has on you? Rachel Lohrman, LAC is a trauma therapist and specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociation and works with adults. Are you looking for a Christian cousnelor to help you better understand and resolve your current issues? Marybeth Steigenga, PhD  specializes in Christian counseling with teen girls, women, married couples, and pastors.


Are you feeling stuck in life, your career, or your relationship and want to learn how to move forward? Coaching is a great option to get you motivated, build connection in your relationship, and set goals for your future.

At Joshua Tree Tucson, we offer Thriving Relationship Coaching (non-faith based) with Shawnda Bauer, CCHT; and Christian Life Coaching for women with Marybeth Steigenga, PhD. Marybeth also offers Christian pre-marital coaching.


If you are looking to move through a particular issue with the aid of Energy Psychology, which includes Hypnotherapy, EFT, Sound Healing, and Therapeutic Body Work, Shawnda Bauer, CCHT offers a holistic option that integrates the power of the mind with the energy and intuition of the body. Shawna will be offering massage therapy in the near future.

Meet the Joshua Tree Tucson

Joshua Tree Tucson is home to a collective of professionals committed to your mental, physical, and spiritual healing and wellbeing. We are are educated and trained differently and uniquely, with different interests, skills, and gifting’s. We each offer an individual and unique specialty. As a team, we are a collective of compassionate and dedicated wellness professionals, passionate about helping client from from hopeless to healing.

Rachel Lohrman
Founder, Licensed Associate Counselor

Rachel is a licensed counselor who specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociation; suicidality; anxiety; and childhood abuse. She works with clients towards developing tools and strategies to use in the here and now and also helps client better understand and untangle those early messages from childhood that are holding them hostage. Rachel is EMDR trained and licensed with the State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. She is currently in a supervised private practice under the clinical supervision of Chet Weld, LPC.

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Rachel works with adults on a cash pay basis of $110/hr.
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Marybeth Steigenga
Pastoral Counselor & Life Coach

Marybeth is a Pastoral Counselor and Life Coach. She specializes in for anxiety/depression, grief, life transitions, women's issues, and marriage re-connection and communication from a Christian perspective. She is passionate about helping women discover their true potential, work toward realistic goals, and discover their authentic self. She also loves to work with married couples who need help reconnecting and communicating, and with pastors who need counseling support. Marybeth is an Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care and a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. 

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Marybeth works with teen girls (16+), women, married couples, and pastors on a cash basis of $95/hr.
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Shawnda Bauer
Mind-Body Practitioner, CCHT

Shawnda is a Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Happiness Coach, and offers Therapeutic Energy Body Work. She utilizes a gentle, holistic approach to emotional balance and wellness by blending tools to bring about powerful shifts in your life and well-being.

She helps to release painful memories and trapped emotions which may be the root of anxious thoughts, self sabotage, lack of motivation, deep sadness, confusion, unfulfillment in relationships and life. 

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Shawnda works with adults and couples on a cash pay beginning at $95/hr.
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