Welcome to Joshua Tree Counseling in Tucson, Arizona

Summer is here. As you re-adjust schedules and priorities to accommodate the changes that summer brings, maybe it’s time to focus on your mental health, start trauma therapy, see a Christian counselor, address a substance abuse issue, takes steps to rescue your marriage, or start counseling for your teen. Joshua Tree Counseling is a counseling collective located in northwest Tucson that offers Christian counseling, traditional mental health counseling, traditional couples counseling, Christian marriage counseling, counseling for teens, traditional trauma therapy, and Christian trauma therapy. Our counselors are experienced, highly skilled, deeply compassionate, nonjudgmental and seriously committed to your healing and mental and emotional well-being. We are bonded together by our desire to help others heal and by our Christian faith. 

New Location Coming September 2024! We are expanding to a second location in Plaza Campana on Oracle just south of Ina. Click here if you are you are a therapist hoping to join our team?

Quick Updates about Availability

Marriage Counseling: Dr. Chet Weld, LPC is a licensed counselor who works with couples struggling in their relationship. Immediate availability
Teen Counseling: Mary McGuire-Bruland, LCSW and Vanessa Egurrola, Intern Therapist both work with teens & have reasonable rates. Immediate availability!
Christian Grief Counseling: Dr. Marybeth Steigenga, BCPC is a pastoral/Christian counselor specializing in grief or loss, & transitions. Immediate availability!

Mental Health Counseling

Overcome anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive cycles, mood dysregulation, anger, panic, negative thinking, disordered eating, low self-esteem, sleep disturbances, suicidal ideation, codependency, addiction, and trauma. Our licensed counselors are skilled to evaluate, diagnose and treat mental health conditions and disorders. Traditional and faith-based options. 

Christian Counseling

Experience counseling from a Biblical, Christ-centered approach. Tackle mental health symptoms, addiction, relationship issues, or trauma with a Christian counselor who is skilled in the ethical integration of faith and counseling. Pastoral counseling is 100% faith-based. Professional counseling is faith-based if requested. Learn about the differences.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma is the emotional result when something awful, shocking or horrifying happens – childhood abuse, neglect and abandonment; sexual assault, war, and life threatening situations; relational abuse; religious abuse. Trauma impacts the body, mind, and spirit. Trauma therapy should heal the mind, body, and spirit. Christian trauma therapy is available. Read about trauma therapy.

Teen Counseling

Teens struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, thoughts of suicide. They are navigating issues like peer pressure and bullying, loneliness and social media influence. Teen counseling helps teens learn to cope with pressure, increase emotional capacity, develop healthy boundaries, find hope, clarify personal values, and process their thoughts and feelings. Faith-based options.  

Joshua Tree Counseling Tucson, AZ

Grief Counseling

Grief is both universal and deeply personal. If you’ve experienced a loss of any kind (death, job, friendship, envisioned future, pet, miscarriage, divorce, abortion), a grief counselor can help you move through grief instead of getting stuck in the pain. Grief counselors have the capacity to hold the space when others have grown weary. Christian grief counseling is available. 

Addiction Counseling

You realize you have a problem but you don’t know how to break free and live a sober life. Addiction counseling can help you identify the problem behind the problem, to change your thinking patterns, manage painful feelings that emerge when you deny your urge, and cope with triggers. Christian addiction counseling available. Learn more about Tucson addiction counseling.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling helps couples with everything from communication issues to the wounds of infidelity and addiction. Working with a skilled couples counselor can rescue your marriage from despair, increase trust and intimacy, and improve effective communication skills. Christian marriage counseling available.

“Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step.” ~Mariska Hargitay


Therapy Dog on Premise at Joshua Tree Counseling

Please note that there is a therapy dog on premise at Joshua Tree Counseling, his name is Henry and you can learn more about him here. Henry is a gentle giant who likes to lazily lay around in the hallway and enjoys greeting clients in the waiting area. He is tolerant, intuitive, and submissive; he doesn’t slobber, he moves slow, and he has experience with babies and small children (and pestering puppies). He loves treats and we have several jars of them around the office that you are free to give him. Henry joins Rachel in sessions, often curling up with you on the couch if you want him to.

If you have an aversion or allergy to dogs, please contact the practice manager Kelly at (520) 308-4999 by call or text prior to your first session so arrangements can be made for you to have no contact with Henry or to have a meet-and-greet prior to increase your comfort level. 

Christian Counselors in Tucson

Our collective of licensed counselors offers traditional counseling and Christian counseling (based of your stated preference). A licensed counselor can evaluate, diagnose and treat mental health conditions and disorders. If faith isn’t important to you or you’ve been wounded by the church or a religious family/upbringing, we want you to know that you’ll receive professional counseling without judgment, bias, or any religious weirdness. If you are seeking traditional, non-faith based counseling, you will receive counseling with an ethical integrity  

Our collective of pastoral counselors provide 100% faith-based counseling by ordained, masters level counselors who approach human suffering through the intentional integration of Scripture, Biblical truths, and supportive counseling models and theories. Pastoral counselors do not evaluate, treat or diagnose mental health conditions.

>> Learn more about the differences between traditional counseling (licensed) and pastoral counseling

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

The Joshua Tree Counseling Difference

The Joshua Tree Counseling building is cozy, with living room-like furniture and low lighting. When you arrive we hope you’ll make a coffee or tea and grab a snack before sitting in our comfortable waiting area. Soft piano music plays and gentle essential oils scent the air. Each office is uniquely decorated so you’re more likely to feel like you’re sitting in a living room than an office.

We want you to think of Joshua Tree as a home-base for your mental and emotional health needs. We’ve created a private, home-like setting where you can come and work with a professional or pastoral counselor towards your goals for mental wellness and healing. If in-person counseling isn’t for you, several of our therapist offer telehealth counseling.