Marriage Counseling Tucson

Tucson Relationship and Marriage Counseling

If you’ve arrived at this page, perhaps you marriage is probably suffering. We ache with you and want to help restore your relationship to wholeness and health with marriage counseling in Tucson. Before you cut the cake or after, we believe that all couples can benefit from guidance and support from a professional who can help you address and improve in the areas of effective communication, emotional intimacy, conflict management, and attunement to the needs of the other. For those who want Christian marriage counseling (Biblical guidance on marriage and related issues), our counselors are mature believers experienced in the integration of faith, Scripture, and Biblical marriage principles into counseling. If faith is not important to you, we still want to help! Chet. Stacy and Lauren are licensed counselors who only integrate faith when this is the client’s preference. Learn more about counseling at Joshua Tree when faith isn’t important to you. 

Reasons for Seeking Marriage Counseling
  • Not communicating well or at all
  • Feeling disconnected or distant
  • Having nothing in common anymore
  • Difficulty with extended family relationships/boundaries
  • Disagreement of parenting styles
  • Empty nest 
  • Sexual intimacy issues
  • Infidelity/affair recovery
  • Pornography/addiction
  • Loss of a child/miscarriage/infertility
  • Grief and Loss
  • Adjustment to life transitions (new job, retirement, having a baby, adoption, entering ministry, leaving ministry, etc)
  • Transitioning from separation back to living jointly
  • Second marriage
  • Premarital readiness
  • Spiritual mismatch

What to Expect at Joshua Tree

At Joshua Tree, we believe in the unity created through the covenant of marriage and we want to help your relationship get back on the right track, bind the wounds, and help you move towards healing, growth, and vitality. When a relationship feels strained, distressed, or broken, everything else can feel out of sync. Getting help is an honorable and helpful step towards reconnection. Many couples seek help before the house is on fire, so to speak, and find marriage counseling to be immensely successful. When couples seek counseling as a last ditch effort before filing for divorce, counseling can feel like a barefoot battle uphill…in the snow. And the truth is, not all couples are ready for joint marriage counseling. It’s not uncommon at Joshua Tree for our marriage counselors to recommend individual couples in place of or in addition to marriage counseling. 

When we marry, we bring our own histories, values, desires, needs, hopes, and dreams to the table and merge these with another. All marriages encounter growing pains. And marriages shift over time. It’s not uncommon to grow apart, wonder what drew you together in the first place, or notice how different you really are from one another. Marriage is a relationship that takes work – commitment, time, and attention. No one gives you a handbook at the alter. We promise do death do us part; for better or worse; in sickness and in health. But then life shows up and complicates these vows. We have kids, or struggle with the realization that we can’t have kids. We encounter financial strain or a mismatch of spending values. Our kids grow up and leave home. We retire. Bumps and turns. For some, marriage gets stronger through adversity; for others adversity causes decay and divisiveness. 

If you’re struggling in your marriage, we want to help. Sometimes that means marriage counseling. And sometimes that means seeking individual counseling first. We’ve seen many couples thrive after receiving individual counseling and not even need counseling; some benefit from coming together after individual healing work. One really cool option at Joshua Tree is to coordinate care in house – meaning, if you need individual counseling, you can each see a Joshua Tree Counselor who coordinates care with the other counselor to prepare you for couples counseling. 

Listen to Chet talk about marriage counseling. 

Wherever your relationship is at, let us help restore your marriage to wholeness. You can learn more about our marriage counselors below or reach out to Kelly, our practice manager, to find the right match.