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Dana Denney is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucson, AZ. She helps clients break free from the mental and physical binds of psychological distress, distorted thinking patterns, and the damaging effects of addiction. She also helps family members of addicts understand addiction and set and maintain healthy boundaries while also providing their loved one support.

Dana specializes in the treatment of addiction, depression, and anxiety and helps those suffering from OCD, grief and loss, eating disorders and spiritual wounding. She offers faith-based counseling for those who prefer a format based on Judeo-Christian values. Dana is most passionate about the treatment of addictions and helping women in or just out of abusive relationships. She is also an approved clinical supervisor.

How Dana Can Help You

Are you wondering if there really is freedom from addiction? Have you reached a point where you know you need help with an addiction? Maybe you love someone stuck in an addictive cycle and want to better understand them and learn healthy boundaries? Maybe you are in or just out of what you consider an abusive relationship and need support, understanding, education, and validation.

If you think depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, addiction, or grief could be what is holding you back from freedom and the life you want to live, Dana wants to come alongside you to address unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviors, and to unravel the ties that bind you. 

Dana's Approach

Dana helps clients reframe, reconstruct, or remove thinking errors and develop new skills to address maladaptive thinking and behaviors in order to better cope. You’ll find her approach to be energetic, relational, collaborative; full of humor and authenticity. As a former competitive athlete, Dana understands the effort it takes to change and the vision one must develop to propel and sustain the energy to attain one’s goals.

Dana understands that all of us change at our own pace and that no one can force someone to change. Dana has worked extensively with court-mandated clients. When a court mandated client is ordered to attend counseling for substance abuse, domestic violence or to learn how to have healthy relationships, they tend to move through a variety of stages of change: pre-contemplative (thinking about thinking about it), contemplative (thinking about it) or action (ready to do something about it). This is the same for the rest of us; everyone learns differently and no one is ready until they’re ready. Dana offers respect for whatever stage of change a client may find themselves in as it applies to whatever it is they would like help overcoming.

Client Focus
Individuals 18+

$125/hr (50 minutes)
Does not accept insurance
Will provide superbills

Specialty Areas
Addiction – Chemical & Behavioral
Generational Patterns of Abuse
Eating Disorders
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Simple Trauma
Aftermath of Domestic Abuse
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Spiritual Wounding

Counseling Approaches
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Reality Therapy
12 steps of AA
Trauma Model Therapy
Motivational Interviewing

Client Focus
MA, Counseling Psychology
BA, Creative Writing

AZ License LPC-13299
Approved Clinical Supervisor 43632

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.


Dana’s interest in working with addicts and their families came about from her experience as an intern at a state-of-the art rehab facility. She learned about how painful and unmanageable an addiction can be and was fortunate to be instructed by world class therapists who were wise, compassionate and knowledgeable about the ways addictions affect the mind, body and spirit. She learned many different ways of helping clients break the bonds of addiction which Dana will use to help you with whatever it is that has a hold on you. Sometimes addictions are chemical (alcohol, drugs) and sometimes they are behavioral (sex, gambling, eating, exercise, negativity, etc). Maybe you are struggling or maybe you’re struggling to understand someone who is an addict. If so, let Dana guide you through the murky waters of healing from addiction or healing from the pain of loving an addict.

Relational Abuse

Dana has a special place in her heart for women who are currently or have been caught in a domestically abusive or violent relationship. This came from her training with Pima County Probation and the 60 hours of advanced training they required in order to work with domestically violent perpetrators. Though she no longer work with perpetrators, she does have a deep understanding of how and why individuals, specifically women, can find themselves in a relationship in which that behavior is present. She can help you learn about yourself and the cycle of violence while validating your experience and offering non-judgement about whether you stay or leave. Dana, together with Joshua Tree, will safeguard your privacy as if it was our own if you are currently involved in an unsafe relationship and want to receive counseling with Dana. If you are in immediate danger, please visit Emerge’s website or call (520) 795-4266.

Dana Denney, LPC Tucson Therapist Addiction Counselor

On a More Personal Note

When Dana isn’t doing therapy she can be found quilting. She is also passionate about serving Tucson’s homeless population and volunteers regularly with the women at the Gospel Rescue Mission, facilitating a group about how to form healthy relationships. She is currently working to bring equine therapy to the women because she understands the powerful connection between horses and healing. She is happily married and calls the Tucson desert home.