Therapy Dog

Henry is a therapy dog at Joshua Tree. He is Rachel's "soul dog" and walking buddy. You can't help but love this gentle giant and what you might call "an old soul." Henry loves long walks, stealing stuffies to snuggle, sitting on chairs, traveling with his head out the window, and curling up in cozy spaces. He is at the office most days so you may be greeted by Henry when you arrive or see him wandering in and out of offices. He may approach you in the waiting area and sniff you but won't lick, jump, or slobber; he moves slow and can often be spotted lazily laying in the hallway. He loves treats (we have jars of treats located around the office), and he loves belly and ear scratches. He has experience will adults, teens, babies, toddlers, and children - he is incredibly tolerant, intuitive, and submissive. He sits, lays down, and shakes (both paws) on command. See disclaimer below.

Location: Often hanging around at Joshua Tree and in sessions with Rachel Lohrman
Client Focus: Everyone and Anyone
Specialty Areas: Regulation, Grounding, Comfort, Curiosity


Disclaimer: While Rachel and Henry have participated in training with a professional dog trainer, it is important to remember that Henry is an animal, and animals can be unpredictable. Henry is a “gentle giant” who is generally slow moving and non-invasive. However, he likes to greet clients in the waiting room and may approach or sniff you. While Henry is screened by a veterinarian on a regular basis and is current on his Rabies vaccination, animals do sometimes carry disease however we believe your risk is low due to the minimal contact you will have with Henry. While we have listed some common risks to having a therapy dog on premises, we cannot foresee all potential risks. You will be asked to review and sign a release of risk and acknowledgement that Henry is on premises in the Informed Consent document.

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