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Christian Counseling Tucson

Are you looking for Christian counseling in Tucson? Do you wonder about the link between God, faith, the Bible and mental illness? Perhaps you’re seeking a counselor who you know has the same foundational values and beliefs that you do. If so, you’re in the right place!

Joshua Tree Counseling is a Tucson Christian counseling group practice with licensed counselors and board-certified pastoral counselors. All counselors at Joshua Tree Counseling can offer Christian counseling however the decision about which option is best for you – licensed counseling or pastoral counseling – is a personal choice and should be an informed choice.

We encourage you to learn more: complete the form below, call Joshua Tree at (520) 308-4999 or text us at (520) 314-1994 to be matched with a good-fit counselor based on your needs and preferences.

Christian Counseling and Pastoral Counseling at Joshua Tree Tucson

According to a 1992 Gallup poll, 66% of survey participants reported a preference for a mental health professional who held spiritual beliefs and values, while 81% of people seeking mental health treatment stated a preference for a counselor with values similar to their own. — (GoodTherapy.org, 2021)


Psychotherapy is a fancy term for “talk therapy” and refers to a variety of models and interventions aimed at helping people identify and change distressing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors within themselves and/or their relationships (NIMH, 2021).

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