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Shari Kirschner, LCSW

Christian Trauma Therapist, Licensed

Shari Kirschner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trauma therapist in Tucson who provides hope and healing to those wounded by abuse and trauma. She also treats depression, anxiety, dissociation, negative body image, disordered eating, and helps clients navigate toxic workplace relationships. She is EMDR trained and an AZBBHE approved clinical supervisor and currently supervises Stacy Roden, LAC.

How Shari Can Help You

Is your trauma story holding you back? Are you struggling to function at work or in your relationships? Have you suffered from the effects of childhood abuse or relational wounds? Have you noticed disordered eating? Are you in a toxic workplace situation and feel bullied, or have a history of being bullied? Maybe its depression that has you functioning at a lower capacity. Perhaps you’ve experienced spiritual abuse or have been wounded by the church or by Christians. 

Shari has over 20 years experience working with clients toward hope and healing. She is a skilled and gentle therapist who attunes to the unique and individual needs of her clients. If trauma is not part of your story, Shari works with a variety of other mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, spiritual wounding and growth, bullying (past and current), and disordered eating.

Shari's Approach

Shari helps clients heal from trauma and abuse and explores any underlying messages or past experiences that could be causing distress in the present. She is trained in EMDR and other trauma models including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. You’ll find her to be warm; gentle; compassionate; and an attuned and validating listener. If your Christian faith is important to integrate into counseling, she will weave this in at your comfort level. As a Christian, Shari believes that we are all created with worth and value and have the capacity to heal and experience wholeness. Whether you identify as a Christian believer or not, Shari is committed to providing a safe place for all people from all walks of life to receive hope and healing.

Shari views each client as unique, and tailors treatment interventions to your needs, inviting you to actively participate in treatment decisions and goals. Shari is genuine, caring, and compassionate while at the same time willing to use gentle confrontation to help clients achieve their goals.

Client Focus
Individuals 18+
Trauma Survivors

$135/hr (50 minutes)
Does not accept insurance
Will provide superbills

Specialty Areas
Trauma/Complex Trauma
Childhood Abuse
  -Sexual Abuse
  -Emotional Abuse
  -Verbal Abuse
Workplace Bullying
Disordered Eating
Negative Body Image
Attachment Wounds
Spiritual Wounding

Counseling Approaches
Sensorimotor Therapy 
Ego State Therapy 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Internal Family Systems
Dialectical Behavioral Theray
Somatic Psychology
Mending the Soul
Christian-Based, Biblical

MSW, Social Work
BA, Psychology

LCSW 12847
Approved Clinical Supervisor 42147
Sensorimotor (Level 1)
EMDR Trained (2015)

"If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. If you look at God you'll be at rest."

Shari Kirschner, LCSW Christian Trauma Therapist Tucson, AZ

On a More Personal Note

When Shari is away from the office she enjoys spending time with friends, hiking, or teaching psychology to high school students. She has a deep desire to bring awareness and education about mental health to the younger generations in hopes of resourcing the church and our Tucson community to support and understand anyone who suffers from mental distress and illness. Shari is an avid  Tumamoc walker, and has a love for the Tucson desert which she calls home. She loves animals, particularly dogs, and she is an Enneagram 6.