Join the Joshua Tree Counseling Team

Counseling Intern

Are you a looking for a counseling internship in Tucson, Arizona? Do you want to work in a Christ-centered group practice and learn from other believers about the integration of faith into counseling (if requested by the client)? Do you want to practice with clients who are choosing counseling for themselves and committing to the full financial cost of their healing? Do you see yourself working in a private or group practice once you’re licesned and want to learn what this is like? If so, you may want to consider joining the Joshua Tree team as a counseling intern

As individuals, we are therapists, counselors, and coaches with different degrees, experience and specialties. As team, we all share the Christian faith and are committed to helping clients move from hopeless to healing. We are looking for counselors who exhibit passion for what they do, committed to finetuning their craft, and who reach for deeper depths of knowledge about client population or specialty areas. We love to laugh with each other, support each other personally, and we lean on each other. A counseling internship in Tucson at Joshua Tree will prepare you for private practice, group practice, or a supervised private practice following licensure. We will come along side you during your counseling internship to prepare you for a fulfilling career as a therapist in the specialty of your choice. 

The Ideal Joshua Tree Counseling Intern is:

  • Warm, compassionate, and able to easily build and maintain rapport with clients, co-workers, and members from the community
  • Able to work well independently and also wants to contribute collaboratively with a team
  • Proficient and comfortable with technology 
  • Willing and able to offer counseling on a flexible schedule including Saturdays, mornings/evenings (and/or Sundays) since office space is limited
  • Organized and able to maintain a tidy office for sharing purposes
  • An avid learner and have the ability to accept feedback and guidance
  • Be trauma-informed and/or have an interest in building these skills
  • Willing to work with a partial case load of teens
  • Able to practice on site without a licensed clinician necessarily available on site

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

What We Offer Counseling Interns:

  • Clinical supervision by your choice of supervisor – Rachel, Chet, Shari, or Dana
  • Specific training in this things you don’t really learn in graduate school: case conceptualization, how to write progress notes and treatment plans, how to assess and diagnose.
  • Team meetings every other week where you’ll hear from new and seasons clinicians about case conceptualization, models/interventions, how faith/counseling intertwine.
  • A team of clinicians who are all available for you to ask questions and seek guidance. 
  • Trainings specific to your interests
  • Financial stipend 

About Joshua Tree

Our mission is to help clients move from hopeless to healing. Our core values include authenticity, compassion, curiosity, faith, and humor. Rachel Lohrman, LPC founded Joshua Tree Counseling with a specific vision in mind – create a comfortable, home-like and private office setting where clients can come and heal from their mental, emotional, and relational pain, confusion, and trauma. The Joshua Tree building is a 6 office suite with warm wood floors and large windows with natural light in every office. It is designed with both clients and therapists in mind. 

We are a private-pay practice and do not accept insurance. Our practice is best suited for clients 14+teenagers, adults of all ages, couples, and families of 3-4 (due to office space). We are not currently well-suited for children under 13 or play or sand tray therapy. Joshua Tree clients tend to be motivated, high-functioning, and have voluntarily sought counseling services.

Joshua Tree clinicians offer in-person individual, couples, and family counseling sessions. While we have the capability and do provide the telehealth experience, we value in-person sessions and want our clinicians to feel the same, using telehealth sparingly if at all. We are open to bringing therapist who specialize in telehealth services if it’s the right fit. A counseling internship in Tucson as Joshua Tree will provide you with a solid upbringing into the field of counseling, Christian counseling, and trauma and attachment.

Why Join Joshua Tree for Your Counseling Internship in Tucson?

Admittedly this is biased but we think our counseling office is the best there is out there and that it’s like nothing you’ve likely seen before. Someone described our office “is like a hug.” Our team is a unique grouping of authentic, humble, and confident licensed therapists, board certified pastoral counselors, and compassionate administrative staff. We have created a cohesive experience for clients – from the website, to the friendly voice on the end of the phone, to the waiting room, counseling rooms, and even the counseling itself. major benefit of joining a group practice is that it offers you the experience of private practice without the headache of billing, business management, or the isolation that comes from working solo. A counseling internship in Tucson at Joshua Tree will prepare you for your future career as a therapist. 

Benefits for Clients

  • Secure client portal from which clients can review and e-sign initial paperwork in the portal and communicate with their therapist via secure messaging.
  • Automated text and/or email reminders sent in time to cancel without a fee if something comes up.
  • Customized client portal domain name so it’s easy to remember how to get into the portal –
  • Direct access to our practice manager, Kelly, during the week by phone, email, and in-person for scheduling or billing questions. No impersonal digital check-ins at Joshua Tree.
  • Indoor and outdoor seating to wait from their appointment.
  • Coffee/snack bar in the entry with real mugs and a variety of coffee, tea, mixins, and a cold/hot water cooler with reverse-osmosis drinking water.
  • Comfortable waiting room with real furniture – no scratchy, uncomfortable chairs here!
  • Free guest Wi-Fi
  • Soft piano music playing overhead
  • Calming essential oils are diffused so it always smells good!
  • Roomy in-office restroom with home-like amenities
  • Custom decorated office with clean, comfortable furniture and décor so clients feel more at home than at a medical appointment: sunlight, soft lighting, throw pillows, blankets, cozy colors, and large comfortable couches.
  • A Recovery Cove where clients who have had a tough session can take a few minutes to recover, regroup, and regulate in a cozy, tucked away office cove.

Benefits for Therapists

  • Peace of mind knowing your clients will have a comfortable space to come as well as heal, and empathetic client care from both you and our practice manager.
  • A private, professional stand-alone building with in-suite restrooms, one of which is designated specifically for therapists.
  • Notable office location in Northwest Tucson, La Cholla Corporate Center, across the street from the Foothills Mall.
  • Complete control over your schedule & fees.
  • Customized marketing, including a custom website designed by Rachel.
  • Administrative support to the degree you prefer, including booking new clients, scheduling future appointments, handling cancellations and spot re-fills. Our practice manager will check to ensure your new clients have completed their initial paperwork prior to the first session and reach out to them directly to help them understand the portal and how to e-sign the documents. Kelly will also scan documents to clients files so you don’t have to.
  • Billing support and management including good faith estimates, superbills and ensuring that fees are collected and late cancellation/no show fees are charged. 
  • HIPPA compliant email address, fax portal, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, Simple Practice.
  • Secure staff Wi-Fi, distinct from the Wi-Fi available to clients
  • Printer/Scanner available in common area.
  • Kitchen with full fridge, dishwasher, dining table, Keurig/Nespresso.
  • Team meetings every other week for case consultation/support.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you meet the qualifications and could see yourself completing your counseling internship in Tucson at Joshua Tree, please send an email to [email protected] and include your resume,  a letter of interest, and the requirements for internship from your graduate school. Based on this information, you may receive an application. Once your application has been received and reviewed you may be offered a phone consult and/or in person meet and greet interview with Rachel (founder/CEO), Kelly (practice manager), and at least one other clinical supervisor. It is important to know that we are building a cohesive team of Christian counselors and hire interns accordingly. This isn’t meant to be an intimidating experience but rather a chance to really get to know you, and for you to get to know us.